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Face: @toofaced Born This Way Foundation in Natural Beige
Blush: @milanicosmetics Rose Powder Blush in Romantic Rose
Contour: @ultabeauty powder contour kit
Highlight: @makeuprevolution baked highlight powder in Peach Lights
Eyeliners: KISS i Envy gel liner (top) and @nyxcosmetics Slide On Eyeliner in Jet Black (bottom)
Eyeshadow: @urbandecaycosmetics Naked 2 basics Primal eyeshadow color
False Lashes: @eylureofficial Nicole Guerriero Casually Glamorous lashes
Eyebrow: @maybelline Brow define & Fill duo in Deep Brown
Lips: @lorealmakeup Infalliable Pro Matte Liquid lipstick in 362 Plum Bum
Top: @express



My Weightloss Journey

I have never been skinny. I have always been “thick” and growing up with thin cousins, this was not always fun. I was always criticized about my weight. I know everyone thought it was encouraging (actually Asians see criticism as encouragement, 😒TRUTH). But it just annoyed me.

When I started working for Jenny Craig years ago, I dropped 30lbs. I really do credit my weight loss to what I learned from the Jenny Craig program. And then I moved and started gaining weight.

So, what did I learn and what am I doing? Portion control. Simple. For those of you, who are wondering about my motivation, NO, it is not because I am single now (although that is additional motivation 😉). When I went back to school, I gained 30lbs. on top of what I had already put back on. 30lbs in 3 years is A LOT of weight to gain, especially when you are only 4ft 9. I worked all day and then came home and spent the rest of the evening on school work, so I ate a lot of fast food and rarely worked out.

In those 3 years, every visit to the doctor, I was told that I was border line high blood pressure and if I didn’t take the weight off, they were going to put me on blood pressure medication. Okay, early 30s and on blood pressure medication??? So, I made a deal with my Dr. I was very blunt with him and said, “I am sorry, I don’t want to be on medication, but I will be honest, until I finish school, this weight is just going to be where it is. I will try to keep it steady but I am not going to lie, my weight is not my priority right now.” So, he agreed. As soon as I graduated, I cut back on the fast food, the snacking, and the caffeine.

I eat a very simple breakfast – evol brand breakfast sandwich or burrito. For lunch and dinner, a Lean Cuisine with a side of steamed vegs. (something I learned from Jenny Craig). Vegetables will fill you up with very little calories (sorry, skip the potatoes, corn, peas – they are starchy).

I still eat regular food – but I pay attention to how full I am. I stop eating as soon as I start to feel full. I have walked away many times from a half eaten bowl of pho (😮 I know). But I will say, find your motivation, because until you really want it, you won’t do it. Everyone has their motivation. Remember this is a lifestyle change, so do something realistic, because I promise you, these fad diets and detox programs work very quickly but as soon as you stop, the weight will come back. So, if you start something make sure that you can continue it long term.

And remember, do it for yourself 😘 And end note: I plan to keep some of this “thickness”, I like curves


The first picture was from 2013 when I first started to gain weight. Here I am in the second picture wearing the exact same top – 22lbs down in January.


The before picture was me in October 2017 at my heaviest, I was pushing 185. I couldn’t wear jeans because they were so uncomfortable, I was wearing stretchy work out pants in this picture. The after picture was in February 2018, same shirt and wearing jeans – down 28lbs. *Had to block out the logo on my shirt since it is my place of employment*


Dogs, the most loyal of friends.


Loyal. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of loyal is an “unswerving in allegiance”

It is rare to hear this word be used to describe any one these days. I don’t know if it is just the generations after me that has lost this trait. I can’t say that I was taught to be loyal, it may just be trait you are born with. You know, the whole nature v nurture. Loyalty lies where respect exists and selfishness doesn’t. With each passing generation, I feel that loyalty starts to dwindle. It’s become a world of “me” and “I” and “What do I get out of this?” Selfishness.

And then there is Ross, my dog. I wonder why dogs are wired to have that loyalty trait, regardless of the hardships they faced. Every morning I wake up, he is there. As soon as I come home from work, he is ready to jump on me. When I am sick, he lays by me. Even after I get done yelling at him, he will sit there, ears back, looking up at me, and pawing to apologize. It really just blows my mind.

I talk to him as if he is a person and he could respond. I am curious as to what he would say if he could. And then there are times, I am glad he can’t speak because I am pretty sure he throws these “WTF, Susan?” looks my way when I do something dumb. But I guess that is what makes dogs so special. They don’t pass judgement. They love you no matter. They don’t care if you are overweight, model-thin, rich, poor, whether your make up is on point or  probably should have not walked out the door wearing that outfit. They just want YOU (and to be fed and to play).

He turned 7 this week, we adopted him 5 years ago and it breaks my heart to see his muzzle slowly turn white and to know that there will one day be a day where we will have to say goodbye, but I am going to enjoy as much time as I can with him.


The day we adopted him from Operation Kindness.


Enjoying the dog park.


My handsome boy.



At 50lbs, he thinks he is a lap dog. He loves his daddy. 



*Note: I did not end up going to watch A Dog’s Purpose (even though I wanted to since I read the book) due to the leaked video and rumors of animal cruelty. 

Next chapter of my life

Real quick — Today is my 2nd year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe that I have been married for two years now. Although, it feels so much longer than that because we have lived together for a total of five years now.

Okay, let’s start at the beginning. It is already the 4th day of the 4th month in 2017. I have been counting down to 2017 since January of 2014. In 2013, I juggled the thought of returning to school and obtain my Bachelor’s Degree. I took a semester off after I completed my Associate’s and started working. Of course, I never made it back to school. Don’t get me wrong, I had always wanted to return but school is not cheap.

After contemplating it for years and after I moved to Texas, my boyfriend encouraged me to go back. The excuse of it being too expensive will always be there. I did some research and talked to other adult students and decided to attend an online college that offered an expedited program, Ashford University.

So, in January 2014 I took the first step in the journey that would be the next three years of my life. As I was wrapping up my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies in October 2015, I decided that I wanted to continue. I reached out to a co-worker who had his MBA and talked about my options. I wanted my Master’s Degree and I wanted to be able to apply it to a similar field as my Bachelor’s Degree. I wanted a career that surrounded in the communications field.

I set my mind on obtaining my Master’s Degree in Organizational Management. Working in the corporate/operations side of a business had really intrigued me. So, in January of 2016, I started my Master’s Program. That last week of school was so hard to get through.  On March 6, 2017 I clicked on the “Submit” button for the very last time. Although I am done, my actual ceremony will not be until May.

I completed my education, I spoke with the executives of my employer and got a promotion. Now I embark on the next journey of my life. I decided to go visit a psychic. I wasn’t looking for any specific answer, I just ended a big chapter in my life. I wanted to make sure that I was where I should be, that I am heading in the correct direction. She told me that I am right where I need to be. Now that I am done with school, I just need to take a breath and relax. My career will always be consistent so I do not need to be concern there, however I need to take a breather and slow it down in my personal life.

Now many may find this stupid or ridiculous, but you weren’t there for the rest of my reading. So, rather than jumping quickly to something else, I am taking it slow. It’s so weird, though. However, I have to remind myself that the past three years of my life, I had no break. I am taking a moment to myself.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Happy National Sisters Day

I am the oldest of six children. There are four girls and two boys. My sisters and I are so different in many ways but I think our lives would be so different if we did not have one another.


Me. I am the stereotypical protective oldest sister. My parents were the hardest on me since I was the oldest and I had to set an example for my sisters. However, I decided at a very early age that I wanted to live my life my way and not my parents’ way. I wanted to share with my sisters the mistakes I made so that they didn’t make them either. I was hard on them but rather than yelling at them like my parents did to discipline. I have always showed them that they could come to me and I would never judge them.


Nancy. The smart one. She definitely is the intelligent one out of all us. She has changed not just physically (lost a lot of weight) but also mentally as well. Let’s just say I was not fond of her ex boyfriend. She was way too good for him and I am glad she finally got rid of him. She is now a successful young woman and my parents are extremely proud. She definitely has a hot head on her and my siblings and I always joke around and always say that she is just like our mother.


April. She is the fashionable one. April is beautiful but I wish she had more confidence in herself. I think some times she is afraid of change. But I mostly believe that is is because she is afraid of failure. I just hope that she comes out of her comfort zone and realize that she can do so much more with her life. She is outgoing and I love how she always picks up the phone to call me. If there is one thing that I love about April, it is her loyalty. I don’t think I have met a more loyal person.


Melissa. The free spirit. As the baby girl, she was spoiled. She had three older sisters who did it all. She has always been the one to do as she pleased and didn’t care what others thought. There are things that I wished she would have done differently in her life, but in the end, I love her regardless and I wouldn’t change anything for my niece. I want her to realize that she will be okay without a man in her life right now and that she needs to just focus on her and niece. I know that she is a strong young woman and in the end she will be okay.

I couldn’t imagine my life without my sisters. I am very protective over them and would never let anyone harm them. Sisters are life long best friends who you can always turn to.

Here are some pics of us throughout the years

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Serafina and the Black Cloak


I started to see this book all over my Facebook News Feed and I didn’t think much about it. It wasn’t until I saw the book trailer. It show cased this girl running around in this beautiful dark maroon and black gown. Curiosity got me. I pressed play on the trailer and discovered that the story took place at the Biltmore Estate. I am grew up in North Carolina and this made me very excited! I love North Carolina because there is so much history in that state. History from the mountains all the way to the beaches.

I pre-ordered the book on Amazon. Then I got the notification on my Kindle that it had been received. The story line starts right away. It is not one of those stories that has a long introduction until the plot starts. It jumps right in and all characters are mostly introduced the first half of the book. The plot starts to thicken immediately however, you do not really hear about Serafina’s history until further into the story.

Great descriptives and it makes me regret so much that in all the years growing up and living in North Carolina, I have never made it to the Biltmore Estate. It makes me want to visit it now more than ever. I love the details that author, Robert Beatty goes into. The character development of Serafina is wonderful.

I love the way the book ended. I was wondering the ending would be. It was a very nice ending. I am not sure if there would be a part two. It does end in a way that there could be a second book and there could not.

42 more days til the BIG DAY

I just counted and there are 42 more days until my wedding. Forty-two. Where has the time gone? I had a year and now it comes down to 42 more days. I went to get my dress altered a couple of weeks ago, I think that was when it really hit me.

I looked in the mirror as the seamstress was pinning the dress and I turned to my friend and said, “I forgot how beautiful this dress was.” I am curious how I am going to be after the wedding. I spent a year hyped up about this wedding and planning it. The big day will be here soon and then it will be over, just like that, in 24 hours.

I have a friend who is a counselor and she said that some brides become depressed after the wedding. I hope that won’t be me. I think that I have been a very laid back and easy going bride that when it is all over, I will be sad but I don’t think I will be depressed.

I am curious how I will be…